Where Trivia and Dance Party Collide..

A hosted live-stream featuring a mashup of trivia, live DJ sets and audience interaction. Something for your head and something for your feet all in one, amazing virtual package. Next level entertainment from the company behind America’s biggest and most booked college dance parties


BOOMBOX TRIVIA is an interactive, engaging and easily accessible virtual trivia and dance party event that is streamed live to each participant’s electronic device. This is entertainment reimagined – allowing us to come together for a fun, collective experience while adhering to socially distancing guidelines. Play along and enter your answers in real time via the online app, which will accurately keep track of all participant’s scores. Between rounds, our energetic host is going need your help! What songs do YOU want in the ‘Dance Party Mashup’, as this is where trivia quick turns into a virtual, dance party. The show is guaranteed to be full of laughs, killer tunes and plenty of facts!

Test your knowledge and challenge your peers to see who will be crowned the BOOMBOX TRIVIA Champion.


The operation of BOOMBOX TRIVIA is very straightforward and is a combination of a live video broadcast and an interactive trivia app, both of which are easily accessible and simple to use.

The broadcast

Each event will last approximately 90 minutes and will be broadcast live via the dedicated BOOMBOX TRIVIA online channels via a private link on our website. A unique link and password for each broadcast will be sent to each event booking which can be distributed to participants to stream on their own electronic devices to ensure a completely private event. Via this video broadcast, our compere will host the trivia party round by round.

How people take part

We run the event using an app which is quick and easy to download to either your phone, tablet or ipad. This app will display the answer options in real time during the video broadcast and give participants multiple choice answers to choose from. Each participant requires 2 devices, 1 for watching the show (iPad, Laptop, Tablet) and 1 for participating and entering their answers and song choices (cellphone, ipad etc).

Fast fingers are needed – the quicker you answer, the more points you get!

During the game you will be able to keep track of both your own and your competitors scores and see what position you are sitting at on the leaderboard keeping the excitement and suspense high. You can also live chat throughout the game to communicate with the host and fellow players.

At the end of the game, the player with the most points will be crowned the winner!

How can Trivia be a Dance Party?

This isn’t your traditional trivia game. BOOMBOX TRIVIA is a cool mix of quiz and party as the host / DJ will be dimming the room lights, cranking up the sounds and turning on the strobe between rounds and at the close of the show. When the trivia is done, it’s time to party together since we all need a bit of fun these days. Using the interactive app, participants can vote on what genre they want played next and can send their requests direct to the studio for the host to see and play!


There is no maximum capacity for any show on our live stream! You can play at home alone or as a team with your roommates. This is a completely, inclusive event that aims to restore a sense of campus community that comes hand in hand with a large interactive event. The bigger the virtual party the better! People can either take part individually or part of a team!

National Trivia Final

The winning player/team from each school will get the exciting opportunity to represent their school at the BOOMBOX TRIVIA National Final which will take place at the end of the 2021 school year. Here we will decide what team and school will be crowned the overall national champion!


  • Interactive, dedicated live virtual event broadcast.
  • An awesome professional quizmaster to host and DJ the event.
  • The winning player or team will receive the winning trophy and a $50 Amazon gift card.  Second placed win a $20 gift card and Third place $15.
  • The winning player will be selected to represent their school or college at the national final!


BOOMBOX TRIVIA is an interactive virtual event therefore participants are able to participate from the comfort of their own surroundings, safely ensuring social distancing measures are adhered to.

Each live show will have a unique link that only allows participants from the individual school to partake.

There will also be a designated member of the BOOMBOX TRIVIA team who sits in on all live shows to monitor and regulate posts and comments. 


BOOMBOX TRIVIA is a creative way for students to interact with one another on a social level and have fun whilst remaining socially distant. As you are able to participate and compete virtually alongside your peers, it creates an engaging, sociable community experience that has been somewhat lost throughout the lockdown period.

Trivia itself is already a popular and well known concept so by putting our unique BOOMBOX TRIVIA branding and concept behind it we are creating a professional and fun environment for people to take part.

The event does not require any major organisation on the school’s behalf other than the distribution of the live stream link to those who are wanting to participate.




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